Monday, April 30, 2012




they always call my mother “pila” which means “battery” in spanish. she is most definitely my battery, so full of energy, wisdom, power, and love. her middle name is Pilar therefore they would often shorten it and use “pila” but isnt Pilar so beautiful.

she shared some advice with me today and I would like to share a few things that made a difference for me.

we make choices everyday. we cant make choices for others. but we are where we are today because of our choices. and we are to be here where we are today. and that is a great reassurance. to know that our choices make up our life. it is up to us. and we will continue to chose as life goes on.

we should not be afraid to slow down when we feel that we may be getting ahead of ourselves. “just because it isnt like how we would like it to be right now doesn’t mean that when we get there it is going to be perfect either.”

my mother then uses a perfect example to explain this concept. she adds that when you are in 6th grade and you feel like nothing is going right. you don’t feel like you belong in elementary school any longer. you need to move on to bigger and better things. the food is no good but they say it is in middle school. only to realize that when you walk through those doors as a 7th grader once you’ve graduated from elementary to middle school, you enter a whole new world. you are the youngest. you get picked on. your lunch money gets stolen so no food at all. and then you start to remember in fact how good elementary school really was.

we are to enjoy our issues. we are even to embrace them. because there will be more to come and the next ones might be more trying and more difficult. and we will want to come back to the ones we initially thought were unbearable. where we are today and its life lessons are for us and what we need right now.

you see. that’s why I shared her wise counsel.



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