Wednesday, April 25, 2012

all day

the weather is getting hot around here. i made my way up to salt lake this weekend and my back was damp upon arriving. i was like, really.
i felt like the left side of my body was more tanned than the other.
anyhow, i had this morning off which was quite pleasant. by noon, when i was to go into work, it was already super hot. i had my windows rolled down and this song came on. by the way, i only listen to country these days. well, there is a gentleman in a larger truck to the left of me and he seems to be on the phone. while sitting at the red light i crank up the radio and start singing out as loud as i can. i see him look over in my peripheral . but do i stop?
i begin to sing louder and louder. ha.
and since this afternoon, i can only hear this song in my head.


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