Sunday, April 29, 2012



two things

two related things

1. I decided to sell some old clothes today at platos. I made bank. I thought I could afford a shirt from the thrift store so I stopped by on my way home. I almost always head first for the shoe racks. nothing good today. I saw a small girl twirling around and around. she kept trying on “ballerina” shoes. it was so adorable. whether they were three sizes too big or three sizes too small she still attempted to put them on her feet. she began asking her dad why there were so many “ballerina” shoes. she then asked if she could have a pair. she confidently said that she would become the best ballerina in the world. I kid you not. the best in the world. I was surprised and taken aback. she left a mark on my heart and I thought about how we can live out dreams. here and now. her parents started heading towards the exit so her dreams of owning “ballerina” shoes were put on hold for now but we never know. she believed though.

2. I was heading back to my car and I saw a young girl who definitely was a dancer. she gracefully covered the parking lot on her way towards her car. she was definitely playing ballerina in her little heart.

three things actually

3. I used to work in a mall. I would spend a lot of time on the floor greeting customers as they walked by our store. one day, there was a group of special children and one in particular. she was about 13 years old. long beautiful curly brown hair. glasses. a longer pink dress on. white tube socks. I said hello and her reaction was unexpected. she grabbed my hands and began dancing. I humbly and happily began to spin her in circles. it was a special moment. for her. I don’t know so much. she was an angel.

there is this deep desire to simply and truly be delighted in and to feel beautiful. little girls are so special. they are beautiful in the sight of the Master. when they dream on becoming the best ballerina in the world or dance along the parking lot grounds or delight in dancing with strangers like me it only strengthens your appreciation for their role in the great plan. I have three younger sisters who are so important to me. the best mother anyone could ask for. and one day. yah. one day. that’ll be the day.




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