Friday, January 28, 2011

..i gotaa see ya booo..hearts all over the world tonight.

I don't usually eat breakfast. Well, I guess I do if you count cereal! and even then..thats if we have vitamin d milk! When I do though, I'm much hungrier for the rest of the morning however if I don't have breakfast I can usually wait till 1pm or later to have lunch, while if I do I'm starving by 11:30 or earlier. This seems odd to me, since I've always heard it's healthier to eat breakfast (and that it helps you eat less overall) weiRdddd!!

so this morning I woke up to a roaring belly!! supppR I made some toast for branty and i!! buttR and stRawbRRy jelly! with some kool-aid (pink-lemonade) ! i didn't want to eat too much! cuzzz..

i wannted sum noodles!! not just any number of ordinary nooodles! i wannted the "beest"!! a friend says that we can find some extraordinarily delicious noodles at some shop here in town!?!? im all about it! is interesting article on the effects of eating late at night! ive always been told how this can ruin the healthy status of my life...wuteVr! but maybe it explains why i woke up soooo huungRy! j'sais pas?


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  1. you have to eat protein with it. eggs, peanut butter, oh some fiber. keeps you full until lunch :)