Monday, January 24, 2011

"theese a guud one"

these past few days, ive caught myself being quick
to judge...on quite a number of occasions! maybe
it is because i now spend almost all my days inside
a very large attractive cement building also known
as provo town center mall. greeting and treating is
the name of the game! no one seems to enjoy playing
with me! stevie and gracie..and heck..dusty would
love it! back to the roots! i love it though. well my
new job. however, back to my main thought about
this newly once again peeving habit that i have
acquired...i feel like i need to be more muh brotha
i met at d.i the other night. i was interested in buying
some new boots and my friends were ironically
hating/judging ALLUPONMAE! so, i found the
nearest customer attendant and asked for his
opinion! NO trace of judgment whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!
just..straight up honest, genuine and true!!
"theese a guud one"
amen. brotha! you were my hero this week!



  1. oh john i've missed your blogging!! and i also really miss you! i want to play!