Monday, May 31, 2010

in memory..

sundays!! wow!!!! why are they so refreshing and so fun filled?
  • french toast delight..
  • sacrament..
  • wrote bryce..
  • scooter ride..
  • mucho long board...
  • chicken stir-fry...
  • frisbee...
  • ward prayer...
  • cemetery...
  • lulu bars..
  • coke
  • truth or dare..
  • mucho killage..fifa!! ahahahaa!!!!!!
  • boi talk
  • sleeeeeep
i cant even were taking a scooter ride and we couldnt help but see almost the entire city visiting the veteran's graves down town!! sooo....thought itd be nice to drop by and leave some flowers for the those veterans that hadnt received any visits!!! i picked some dandy lions to leave at their grave sites and these are some of our friends we visited today!!! granted our flowers werent they say french...the people were remembered and they shall never be forgotten! there was a wonderful peaceful spirit present there this evening!!! i loved it...
i miss you papa-lolo


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  1. Yes John. He was the bravest Hero I knew. I miss him and love him too.