Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my life line!!

sitting up front along side mother is always a trip!!!
change dat musik trak
is the name of the game! be careful though...
..ma runs a tight ship!!

this was heaven!!! its been over four years..i want to say!!!!!!! cant you tell....?!

..now..ill let ya in on a little secret!! this stuff right..we call it "Lucas" and i guess
thats a general name for all types of tamarind..is that fruit..root..or veggie? hmm..
..anyhow..this stuff right here is the life line of all Latin people!! want some...? it
sustained me my whole trip home in texas!!

my beautiful ma!

....my bday gift! let the wild rumpus begin!

gangstas!!! gracie you aint thug!! put yo head down!!!

my family is my heaven!

1 comment:

  1. that picture of you and your mom is such a good picture of the both of you!