Sunday, May 9, 2010

where is the parking pass

..while waiting at the slc airport....adam decided he would
be myself as he attempted to pick up on a security guard (woman)...
..she was wearing a pair of black nike arm bands...not his type..
...she wasnt having it...however we did happen to get some free..
..chewing bubble gum outa her! adam's lady skills paid off for once..
..i needed a piece! i cant fly without a chewing gum!!!!!!
..adam loves going further and further out each day!
i appreciate his outlook on life..although..i hardly agree..haha.. encourages me to reach out further as well! this is our story..
..our adventure and as we create it! it becomes our life!! love it love it love it!
im learning that we dont have to wait for permission..
..or the approval of those around us..although....this should be..
..our intention! be happy with ourselves!
thats what its all about! just live to love it!


oh so when adam took off..he had forgotten where
..i put the parking pass...he would, huh?! luckily he found it.. the end! ps..they charge you 30 big ones if it is misplaced/lost! >:/

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