Monday, May 24, 2010


this is life in the shoes of emmmmmmA!!!! shes even got the

michael jordan tongue action!! i guess she is excited for the nba finals coming up

soon!!!! yahh...putting that fact aside!!! this is indeed life!!!!

..theses are my best buds! excluding the other best buds of mine!!! :) these people make up a super large part of my life!! nevertheless...its life!! belonging to one another! depending on one another!!! the road was never meant to be walked alone!
"we knotzzz b losttt!!! we'zzzzzz b founnnd!!!! strait upppp"

..oh so i had to settle with this certain photo as the others members within the photo were against my publishing of my favorite photos of the night!!!!!!

..once again!! life in colors is so much more brighter than life
in darkness!!! i lay here and marvel at how beautiful life can be chilling
on a couch on a rainy monday!!!!! yahh yahhhhHH!!!!!

c'est la vie mon ami, c'est la vie


  1. aw i love you john!! oh and one question for you -
    WHAT IT DO?!