Thursday, June 30, 2011




seven times?! reallly!!

peeps here in france really know how to encoreEE!!!! nestpah kay?!





upside up



we found some shade today!!! marseille is on its way to set some records this summer!! and boi is it hot!! all I think about through out the day is how rejuvenating the turquois sea water is going to feel once ive finished work! it doesn’t always turn out that way though!! Ive got quite the busy the schedule! but there is always time for lunch and badminton! I actually swung my first badminton racquet today this afternoon! and amidst a sleeping drunken man in our way and the violent gusts of wind..we managed to get eight hits in a row!!!! voila!!!!!





Wednesday, June 29, 2011





he loved it! we found a small gelato shop a few blocks away and brought the ice cream to him!! we selected six different flavors and they put them in a cooler container if you will! the smartest invention I have yet discovered in marseille! we spoke of life in tunisia! we spoke of life in aix provence! we spoke of life in dallas! we spoke of life in marseille!! today!!!!



Monday, June 27, 2011

do you remember?



the last time you stuffed your tshirt inside your underwear by accident?




Sunday, June 26, 2011




I wish I could wear one of these around everyday!!

ma asked how my day was?

I said excellent!

I got to accompany the missionaries this afternoon! oh how I miss the work! we hit it hard! I made sure we feasted on the Spirit while I had time left with those honorable young servants of God! even elder hanset said he hungered! yah..that kind of hunger! getting back in touch with the Spirit was magnificent! thank you elders!









Friday, June 24, 2011



who here knows how to interpret songs? any help out there?

la fete de la musique took place earlier this week but there are still plentyyyyy of activities, live shows, ballet performances, dances, etc. going on all throughout the city! what a fantastic way to lure all the tourists in from across the world!! that’s right!! yesterday my roomie nate said “im happy to be spending my summer on the Mediterranean!!” haa! way to look at it eyy?? I spent the day along the coast! quelle chance! and im just happy to be here! every night we look through all the flyers, papers, journaux, etc that we collected throughout the day to plan our following evening night life! looks like we are heading to a live outdoor concert tomorrow night here! palais longchamp! wooT! and its alllll freee!


well yah keep me updated! d’acc?





comme les enfants


how nice? the children from the local primary school came to visit the older folks this afternoon. how lucky huh? such a great act of service. you cannot honestly replace the role of a child! they bring so much joy and life to your own and they are able to accomplish a whole lot more than i sure can.

i overheard one of the young boys asking another classmate who was a girl if she had a "cheri" which is a lover slash boyfriend!? haaa!! it was adorable! they just want to be all grown up! they start young huhh? we gotta help em while they are on their way! release the warriors and princesses within them! help them grow up into what they can truly be!

gifts have been on my mind today! gifts because children are always in search for the latest gift yet forget about the gifts they already posess materially as well as spiritually. the gifts we use on a daily basis can often tell alot about who we are and desire to be. there is power in what we have received from on high and we must seek out to use it everday. its like on space jam when bugs pulls out a bottle of special water during half time. the team is being slaughtered and are feeling destroyed and hopeless. yet they all believed in the special water and drank it down to the last drop and come back for the second half to take the game from the monsters. ya see. the power was not in the special water or a gift if you will but be the power laid within themselves. its us! we are His hands!




Thursday, June 23, 2011



love is a pretty thinnng


vieux pont

the most shwankified place in town! I was happy to have stepped out of the room this evening for a nice breathe of fresh air!

today the regional director invited us out to eat and boy was it delishh! I am afraid to admit that I believe I ate the best au gratin I have ever eaten in my life! the only issue I had with lunch was the newly added step in the typical French coursed meal. we stared with an appetizer. with some drinks. we talked a little bit. waited. and then we put our orders in. we were brought the entrée slash salade. that take a while. more talking. then the plat principal. tastyyy. we then received our dessert. talked so more. then café was presented and only a few took some but I definitely declined. I mean gently and kindly. but what came up next was new. everyone whipped out their cigarettes when they were brought their café. it was smelly. I mean really? café AND smoking? of course this was the longest step in the meal. haaa! but all in all I enjoyed the people and I was happy to have made their connaissance. just don’t touch cigarettes. one of the girls smoked about five per hour. poor thing.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

are you writing from the heart


I will occasionally title a blog post after the lyrics of the current song I am listening to. in fact I have already titled a blog post with this same phrase! guess what song? I just feels soooo good to be listening to right now! ma told me tonight to listen to good music! she said we should always look for all things that lead us to God for it doesn’t you better just leave it behind! this song brings joy and light! so there!

my whole mission I worked towards building a Spanish ward in geneva switzerland and of course I wasn’t the only one. so last sunday I went to church and guess what? that long sought after Spanish ward now existed and I got to salut and kiss all my beloved friends and family! one hermano tells me when I asked how the ward was doing that the ward was like the sea! at times the tide is high and at times the tide may be low but what is important is that the sea is there!

I got to run out to mediterranean sea this evening! I live about 15 mins away! hah! take that! tonight was the fete de la musique so you could hear music coming from all along the sea border. I found an extra large rock right along the water and I took some time to ponder! and amidst all the noise that surrounded me i was still able to admire the beauty of the sea! the beauty of life! and I sure needed it! I don’t know if the tide was high or low but i know that it was an absolutely gorgeous sight to see!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you’ve got an accent



I wanna cry!

im sitting deep in the corner of this french train that takes off shortly from geneva to lyon and I see this couple holding each other closely on the bench just right outside my window! at first I thought “boi they sure don’t know how to kiss. are they 14 years old or something? ay boy pull her closer to you gosh!” but then I got a closer glimpse only to realize they were roughly my age but she was just smaller I guess. I watched their next few moves closely and he put his arm around her as she placed her head on his shoulder. I then asked myself “if I had five minutes left with the person I love, would I search for words to share in an attempt to comfort her and affirm my love for her or would I hold her close touch her gently and kiss the heck out of her!?” its hard to say! what do yal think? you might want to take a look at this test to get a better understanding at what love language you need?! so back to the couple I whipped my computer out to start this post and as I look back he climbs into the train and she is wiping her tears that come rolling down her face! she wouldn’t leave the train! she reached out towards the window as the conductor took off. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of what she was experiencing so as I passed her I raised my fist in the air with a big thumbs up as I tried to encourage her!

I myself am on my way off. on an adventure that I can honestly say scares me. and so the real journey begins! in search for my soul! in search of a mission. in search of a of purpose! in search of a orbit that is larger than you and i! I want to be able to invite yal somewhere greater. im on my way! im on my way to find it!

as we took off the picture was clear to me. I was leaving a part of me behind. a place that was familiar to me. somewhere I could find people that I love. where I was accepted and wanted. and into the unknown! to face the world and any loose fears! that part of me also wanted to cry out like the girl right outside the window! but it will be fine. im journeying towards freedom, discovery, healing and authenticity! but its not about me! and it is! but it is about the world and what I can offer yal! and you!




Sunday, June 19, 2011


time for yourself


perform good acts

build your personal integrity


set and accomplish goals

be 100 percent

stand tall and strong

face your fears

be grateful

give it to GOD



Friday, June 17, 2011

ayy everybody! woOoo HOoo!!

looooook at my frayend yal!! parfaite!!!



Saturday, June 11, 2011




micheal johnson?! really!!!

I checked my voice mail this evening!! my american cell phone number and I surprisingly had 12 new messages!!

micheal johnson was looking for traman williams! I guess this traman is big trouble! he has got an authority from the federal justice department looking for him! in fact I received these same phone calls when I was back home and I would also let the callers have it! it just got old!! jeeezee!

I am NOT traman williams!

anyways my time is running up! it’s a bummer to see it fly by..right on by! the past week or so has been outstanding! we havent had much time to breathe and enjoy the refreshing air as we ran through everything in london then back to paris only then to head off to giverny for the day and from there on to lyon! whewW! not to mention traveling to geneva this sunday! and then from there down onto marseille!

whewww..gotttta catch my breath!

this all reminds me of that one time I was challenged to race up to the basilica in lyon and I foolishly took the offer only to have regretted it the second I won! time is precious and special! life doesn’t have to be rushed nor is it a race to see who can make it to the top the fastest! I believe its about setting the right pace and heading towards the right direction! you don’t wanna threw up your french pastry that was ever so delicious only 15 mins after having loved it! that’s just silly!! really! we will make it up there! and I promise to even take a step back and cherish this time that I have left with these remarkable people and cities!



Sunday, June 5, 2011




today we learnededdd all about volcanoes at the local hyde park natural history museum! so apparently hawaii y compris those surrounding islands have come into existence thanks to volcanic eruptions slash activity! now depending on the island there are some that are either still very active, inactive or dormant! as for me! I wouldn’t take the chance!!!! and as for you! I pity the fool!! I always thought Id like to visit hawaii or sumthin but it seems like a suicide mission now!! maddi! im warning!!! right now!! right here! that cord???? anyways! today was just splendid! besides not being able to join the dress-up roach gang parading around the science museum today was perfect!!!!









absolutely amazing! as the brits have put it!

there is much more to follow!

hang in there



Friday, June 3, 2011

apples in the summer



What'd we even do today? Our day to day journeys seem to be endlessly filled with castle exploring..history researching..figure reviving..etc!! And we definitely met those requirements today!!
Have you ever climbed the eifle tour? Well we did so this evening! All 1326 steps to the second stage and then took an elevator from there to the verrrry top! And boy did we meet some incredible people on our way up!? paris is full of new life everyday! I cannot seem to get over it! every last day seems to get better and better!!





Thursday, June 2, 2011




Chilling in the metro waitinggg for my train!

What a great dayy! Apart from waking up with a sore throat..I loved every second! Its crazyy to think that my visit here is coming to an end!! Today was my last full day in paris and we pushed it to the limit! We are traveling for the next couple of weeks so while we still have time here we have been doing our best to visit or revisit any last chateux..musees..expositions..destinations..voila!!
And today was such a dayyyyy! Id list down all the things we were able to accomplish for yal but id rather share maybe a couple things!
First..I remembered how much I love Chagall!
Second...we witnessed a nearly flawless bailet recital this evening at the opera garnier and I would like to learn contemporary dance!!!
Third...I think I actually may converted to the bueno bar tonight!
Fourth....its neat to see how a rose can go such a long way for everyone!!
Fifth.....the Lord is in charge of all and He only desires our happiness!!! it all works out!!!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011




today! 109!

that hot slash warm slash lukewarm chocolate drink was tasty this evening!! I love my friendsss!!

Shortly after our croissant coco café crusade I jumped on train in direction towards olive!! he lives about 30 mins north of paris! it my own little get away from the hectic-commercial life in paris! now let me explain real quickly how these trains work! you must purchase a ticket of course before boarding the train! the ticket must be validating by stamping it in this small machine just right outside the train! however if you decide not to validate it the ticket is still good until you decide to use it! you see, the ticket itself is valid for a month and unless you have used it meaning you have stamped it in the machine then it is still valid! but again you must stamp it before you jump on the train! I purchased two tickets a month ago! one in direction towards olives house and one from his home to paris! I keep them on me at all times! I figured I had no need to stamp them taken that I am never controlled! controlled is when the train attendants come by and ask to present your train ticket! well much to much surprise this evening it happened! errr!! I saw a gentleman dragging his luggage from his original cart to our cart and I wondered where he was going? he had two big suitcases and here he was lugging them through our aisle while the train was moving!! I paid close attention only to realize you was heading towards the bathroom luggage and all! he peeked his head out one last time in our direction in fear that he would be controlled! I should of known!! shame on me! two minutes the train attendant approached and ask to see my ticket! I played the fool or at least I tried! “uhh bone jour” I hopelessly pulled out my ticket knowing that it was over! remember I had bought the ticket about a month ago and never validated it! if I had decided to stamp it right before I got on the train this evening all would have been fine and dandy! but no!!!! he took it from me and wrote me up a ticket!! erRR!! I acted as if I had no clue what he was saying or evening asking!! poor guy probably sees jokesters like me all day so he wasn’t having it! I gave up and paid the man his money!!! errR!! so if you were wondering the ticket has once and for all been stamped!!! and I sure did feel like stamping his face!! but yah I pushed that thought away and accepted the result of my actions!! oh france!! I am begging to understand you a little bit more!!