Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you’ve got an accent



I wanna cry!

im sitting deep in the corner of this french train that takes off shortly from geneva to lyon and I see this couple holding each other closely on the bench just right outside my window! at first I thought “boi they sure don’t know how to kiss. are they 14 years old or something? ay boy pull her closer to you gosh!” but then I got a closer glimpse only to realize they were roughly my age but she was just smaller I guess. I watched their next few moves closely and he put his arm around her as she placed her head on his shoulder. I then asked myself “if I had five minutes left with the person I love, would I search for words to share in an attempt to comfort her and affirm my love for her or would I hold her close touch her gently and kiss the heck out of her!?” its hard to say! what do yal think? you might want to take a look at this test to get a better understanding at what love language you need?! so back to the couple I whipped my computer out to start this post and as I look back he climbs into the train and she is wiping her tears that come rolling down her face! she wouldn’t leave the train! she reached out towards the window as the conductor took off. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of what she was experiencing so as I passed her I raised my fist in the air with a big thumbs up as I tried to encourage her!

I myself am on my way off. on an adventure that I can honestly say scares me. and so the real journey begins! in search for my soul! in search of a mission. in search of a of purpose! in search of a orbit that is larger than you and i! I want to be able to invite yal somewhere greater. im on my way! im on my way to find it!

as we took off the picture was clear to me. I was leaving a part of me behind. a place that was familiar to me. somewhere I could find people that I love. where I was accepted and wanted. and into the unknown! to face the world and any loose fears! that part of me also wanted to cry out like the girl right outside the window! but it will be fine. im journeying towards freedom, discovery, healing and authenticity! but its not about me! and it is! but it is about the world and what I can offer yal! and you!





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