Wednesday, June 22, 2011

are you writing from the heart


I will occasionally title a blog post after the lyrics of the current song I am listening to. in fact I have already titled a blog post with this same phrase! guess what song? I just feels soooo good to be listening to right now! ma told me tonight to listen to good music! she said we should always look for all things that lead us to God for it doesn’t you better just leave it behind! this song brings joy and light! so there!

my whole mission I worked towards building a Spanish ward in geneva switzerland and of course I wasn’t the only one. so last sunday I went to church and guess what? that long sought after Spanish ward now existed and I got to salut and kiss all my beloved friends and family! one hermano tells me when I asked how the ward was doing that the ward was like the sea! at times the tide is high and at times the tide may be low but what is important is that the sea is there!

I got to run out to mediterranean sea this evening! I live about 15 mins away! hah! take that! tonight was the fete de la musique so you could hear music coming from all along the sea border. I found an extra large rock right along the water and I took some time to ponder! and amidst all the noise that surrounded me i was still able to admire the beauty of the sea! the beauty of life! and I sure needed it! I don’t know if the tide was high or low but i know that it was an absolutely gorgeous sight to see!



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