Friday, June 24, 2011



who here knows how to interpret songs? any help out there?

la fete de la musique took place earlier this week but there are still plentyyyyy of activities, live shows, ballet performances, dances, etc. going on all throughout the city! what a fantastic way to lure all the tourists in from across the world!! that’s right!! yesterday my roomie nate said “im happy to be spending my summer on the Mediterranean!!” haa! way to look at it eyy?? I spent the day along the coast! quelle chance! and im just happy to be here! every night we look through all the flyers, papers, journaux, etc that we collected throughout the day to plan our following evening night life! looks like we are heading to a live outdoor concert tomorrow night here! palais longchamp! wooT! and its alllll freee!


well yah keep me updated! d’acc?





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