Thursday, June 23, 2011

love is a pretty thinnng


vieux pont

the most shwankified place in town! I was happy to have stepped out of the room this evening for a nice breathe of fresh air!

today the regional director invited us out to eat and boy was it delishh! I am afraid to admit that I believe I ate the best au gratin I have ever eaten in my life! the only issue I had with lunch was the newly added step in the typical French coursed meal. we stared with an appetizer. with some drinks. we talked a little bit. waited. and then we put our orders in. we were brought the entrée slash salade. that take a while. more talking. then the plat principal. tastyyy. we then received our dessert. talked so more. then café was presented and only a few took some but I definitely declined. I mean gently and kindly. but what came up next was new. everyone whipped out their cigarettes when they were brought their café. it was smelly. I mean really? café AND smoking? of course this was the longest step in the meal. haaa! but all in all I enjoyed the people and I was happy to have made their connaissance. just don’t touch cigarettes. one of the girls smoked about five per hour. poor thing.



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