Thursday, June 2, 2011




Chilling in the metro waitinggg for my train!

What a great dayy! Apart from waking up with a sore throat..I loved every second! Its crazyy to think that my visit here is coming to an end!! Today was my last full day in paris and we pushed it to the limit! We are traveling for the next couple of weeks so while we still have time here we have been doing our best to visit or revisit any last chateux..musees..expositions..destinations..voila!!
And today was such a dayyyyy! Id list down all the things we were able to accomplish for yal but id rather share maybe a couple things!
First..I remembered how much I love Chagall!
Second...we witnessed a nearly flawless bailet recital this evening at the opera garnier and I would like to learn contemporary dance!!!
Third...I think I actually may converted to the bueno bar tonight!
Fourth....its neat to see how a rose can go such a long way for everyone!!
Fifth.....the Lord is in charge of all and He only desires our happiness!!! it all works out!!!!


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