Wednesday, June 1, 2011




today! 109!

that hot slash warm slash lukewarm chocolate drink was tasty this evening!! I love my friendsss!!

Shortly after our croissant coco café crusade I jumped on train in direction towards olive!! he lives about 30 mins north of paris! it my own little get away from the hectic-commercial life in paris! now let me explain real quickly how these trains work! you must purchase a ticket of course before boarding the train! the ticket must be validating by stamping it in this small machine just right outside the train! however if you decide not to validate it the ticket is still good until you decide to use it! you see, the ticket itself is valid for a month and unless you have used it meaning you have stamped it in the machine then it is still valid! but again you must stamp it before you jump on the train! I purchased two tickets a month ago! one in direction towards olives house and one from his home to paris! I keep them on me at all times! I figured I had no need to stamp them taken that I am never controlled! controlled is when the train attendants come by and ask to present your train ticket! well much to much surprise this evening it happened! errr!! I saw a gentleman dragging his luggage from his original cart to our cart and I wondered where he was going? he had two big suitcases and here he was lugging them through our aisle while the train was moving!! I paid close attention only to realize you was heading towards the bathroom luggage and all! he peeked his head out one last time in our direction in fear that he would be controlled! I should of known!! shame on me! two minutes the train attendant approached and ask to see my ticket! I played the fool or at least I tried! “uhh bone jour” I hopelessly pulled out my ticket knowing that it was over! remember I had bought the ticket about a month ago and never validated it! if I had decided to stamp it right before I got on the train this evening all would have been fine and dandy! but no!!!! he took it from me and wrote me up a ticket!! erRR!! I acted as if I had no clue what he was saying or evening asking!! poor guy probably sees jokesters like me all day so he wasn’t having it! I gave up and paid the man his money!!! errR!! so if you were wondering the ticket has once and for all been stamped!!! and I sure did feel like stamping his face!! but yah I pushed that thought away and accepted the result of my actions!! oh france!! I am begging to understand you a little bit more!!




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