Saturday, June 11, 2011




micheal johnson?! really!!!

I checked my voice mail this evening!! my american cell phone number and I surprisingly had 12 new messages!!

micheal johnson was looking for traman williams! I guess this traman is big trouble! he has got an authority from the federal justice department looking for him! in fact I received these same phone calls when I was back home and I would also let the callers have it! it just got old!! jeeezee!

I am NOT traman williams!

anyways my time is running up! it’s a bummer to see it fly by..right on by! the past week or so has been outstanding! we havent had much time to breathe and enjoy the refreshing air as we ran through everything in london then back to paris only then to head off to giverny for the day and from there on to lyon! whewW! not to mention traveling to geneva this sunday! and then from there down onto marseille!

whewww..gotttta catch my breath!

this all reminds me of that one time I was challenged to race up to the basilica in lyon and I foolishly took the offer only to have regretted it the second I won! time is precious and special! life doesn’t have to be rushed nor is it a race to see who can make it to the top the fastest! I believe its about setting the right pace and heading towards the right direction! you don’t wanna threw up your french pastry that was ever so delicious only 15 mins after having loved it! that’s just silly!! really! we will make it up there! and I promise to even take a step back and cherish this time that I have left with these remarkable people and cities!



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