Friday, June 24, 2011

comme les enfants


how nice? the children from the local primary school came to visit the older folks this afternoon. how lucky huh? such a great act of service. you cannot honestly replace the role of a child! they bring so much joy and life to your own and they are able to accomplish a whole lot more than i sure can.

i overheard one of the young boys asking another classmate who was a girl if she had a "cheri" which is a lover slash boyfriend!? haaa!! it was adorable! they just want to be all grown up! they start young huhh? we gotta help em while they are on their way! release the warriors and princesses within them! help them grow up into what they can truly be!

gifts have been on my mind today! gifts because children are always in search for the latest gift yet forget about the gifts they already posess materially as well as spiritually. the gifts we use on a daily basis can often tell alot about who we are and desire to be. there is power in what we have received from on high and we must seek out to use it everday. its like on space jam when bugs pulls out a bottle of special water during half time. the team is being slaughtered and are feeling destroyed and hopeless. yet they all believed in the special water and drank it down to the last drop and come back for the second half to take the game from the monsters. ya see. the power was not in the special water or a gift if you will but be the power laid within themselves. its us! we are His hands!




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