Thursday, February 24, 2011

instant photo!



i asked him what the best part of his day was! it took him two hours to respond! butttt..the point is that he did! it was when he ate his twinky!

that same event made my list today!

voici la liste(in descending order):

  • waking up and not showering
  • noticing my bed hair stick up from the back of my head
  • having help at work
  • papa johns pizza for lunch
  • inception on the gS
  • 20 min nap
  • art education
  • having my cough drops stolen (i chuckled)
  • that text message from my prof
  • calling around the provo town center mall
  • chili cheeze tater tots
  • corny dawgs
  • chris picking me off the road on his way to school
  • stealing a twinky from brant
  • jivefortyfive
  • jitters before calling kerianne which never actually happened
  • moose
  • asking brant how his day was
  • texting images of balloons
  • my balloon hunt throughout the mall