Monday, February 14, 2011


a concert a emporter!
ma! tanks a whole bunch! i got the gCARD and i cant wait to usee it!! i think brant will be the lucky one!! or perhaps i will be!!
yesterday, brant, tesh, jake and i were discussing..well better put..we were putting our lil minds together in attempt to propose a wicked vDAY idea for that special one!! no on in particular..ask jake actually!! he is in love! anyhowwww..and then brant reminded me of our freshman year! e.DEMASO! ohhmyYy! i guess she had asked me noT to get her anything andddd..well..needless to say..i got her a bear..i think..a home made cd..and..a rose..maybe? haaa...the result was blurry to me buttt brant quickly cleared it up for me... she was furious! haaaA! i think i was given the bear back and now lia uses it as a pillow!!! heeee! that moment..last night..i decided i would do ALL i could to never take lightly whatever that special one might request or ask of me!! change is greaT! i dont want a collection of bears!!! i really dont! i just want her to feel like the "star in my sky" heee..yah vday cliche line of the day!! no no nooOo..but really! i want to be able to respect what she asks and make her feel important! the MOSt importanT! sooo.. is to you ALL!! yaL!! may this symbolic sign represent the love that you search at this time of year!!! and forEVER!!!

i appreciate the other better half!!!!!!!!


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