Friday, February 18, 2011

all i wanted…



for some odd reason at work today…i guess i was expecting to be surprised with these puppies!!! i waited and waited...and then i got i went to go buy a lemonade fountain drink from subway!! i need something cold and refreshing to calm down the pain attacking my throat! abbey, a friend from dish, stopped by and recommended i drink tons and tons of oj! i asked if she knew lemonheads were and i asked if those would be part of the remedy package? she kindly said no! i was shocked! all i had waited for was all in vain today! so..i gave up on that hope! but easier said than done! after stumbling out of the store all light headed..into the cold night sky…i walked extra slow to my car…i thought..maybe..theyll be relaxing under my windshield wiper or maybe prompted up on my peeled off hood…but to my belief..i had to accept that they were not there!! nope! i decided to trip on over to the local grocery store and boy did i load up on medication guuuds! but here they were! innocent and desperate to be purchased! hmmmm…not tonight friends! not yetttt!!



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