Monday, February 21, 2011




nice sleeping bad!!!! not to mention those pink neon lights!!!

soo..byu laundry apparently enjoys to drain my bank account! all i want are my dress slacks to be taken in…ya know…”skinnied” so i dropped by and they took the proper measurements etc. i was sure happy anticipating the final result until a kind friend informed me that the process actually took like 5 minutes! i!!! they wanted 15 dollrs for 5 minutes!!! just think!!! thats 3 dollrs a minute!! are ya krazay!? are they krazayy?? so ive decided that i will either steal them back this next tuesday and perhaps they may hate me but i refuse to feed their laundry coins account orrr..i will just burn the place down!!! their choice!!!! so yah…i will take my pants elsewhere!





  1. Why does your blog profile say your name is Spencer?

  2. blogging brings an alter-ego out in me!!!
    his name is spencer!!
    and more because my middle name is spencer and the friend who inspired me to blog called me spencer! thats the real story!! :)