Wednesday, February 23, 2011

best friends..


we found a nice bright red couch the other day!! tesh doesnt want it in the house so ive momentarily placed it on our porch just right outside! it matches the red brick on our house!! oh yah! i will use this time to invite all who admire color and especially red! please come visit! kaaay..back to the story! i was clipping my nails this afternoon before school and i overheard a couple chattering it away just right across the street! which was a bit rare just because i usually see mothers strolling there children around maybe because the fathers are either at school, work, etc. anyhow, i saw a couple and they were laughing to death! turns out that they were taking turns telling blonde jokes!!! i smiled and giggled for a sec! then i took this! they were best friends!!!!!!!!!!



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