Tuesday, February 15, 2011

here is to you..a toast…

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thatsss right! what does your shirt say againnn brant???

so i am trying this new blog windows live writer thinggg? i likeee it!! with a lil bon iver playing! youu know it!

well! family! i love yal! and what a better day to proclaim my love for yal than on this day of love as we know it to be valentines day!!

i had a blast!! and yes! i will look at the face of fear! and own it! i mean…yah..love does scare me! im afraid i cant love enough!! its tough! but i commit to being better! to loving more honestly and purely! thats the spirit of vDAY! right? i hope yal know i love yal!!!

a toast….to…LOVing ONE ANOTHER!!!! to HE who loves perfectly!!!




1 comment:

  1. our love is not perfect eigther, but we love you the best that we know very much, everyday.