Friday, October 25, 2013


i miss america or better yet amercia me misses. french lesson:

The French verb manquer is a regular -ER verb. It means "to miss," but can cause confusion because it is sometimes used in an unusual construction.

Manquer + direct object means "to miss something," in the sense of not being at/on/in it

   J'ai manqué l'autobus.
   I missed the bus.

   Il va manquer le film.
   He's going to miss the movie.

Manquer + de + direct object means "to lack something"

   Vous manquez de patience.
   You lack patience.

   Ce thé manque de lait.
   This tea is lacking (needs) milk.

Manquer + de + verb means "to fail to do something"

   J'ai manqué de faire mes devoirs.
   I didn't do my homework.

   Ne manque pas de m'écrire !
   Be sure to write to me!
   (Literally, Don't fail to write...)

Manquer + à means "to miss a person, place, or thing,"* as in to feel the lack of it:

   David manque à moi. > David me manque.
   I miss David.

   Tu manques à moi. > Tu me manques.
   I miss you.

so as i was saying sometimes i miss america i mean america me misses and i play bon iver over and over again. jess nor i have yet to see him but we will one day. also pepperoni pizza me misses much.


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