Monday, October 28, 2013

saturday morning in carouge


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so if you follow jessie’s blog you would now know that we own a french car. so this past saturday we took advantage of her and drove to geneva.

carouge: a charming district has developed over the years into something of a bohemian center, with all sorts of artisanal activity going on during the day and a wide selection of bars and restaurants to occupy you through the night. The Place du Marché forms the heart of the district, with its quirky Italianate church at one end and a regular produce market which has been in operation for over 300 years.

it was said that carouge was built to provide refuge to catholics  from the protestant power of geneva. italian designers were hired for the construction and you can see chapel in one of the photos. it was so fun. I even ran into an old man that I recognized from over 4 years ago. he serves as the old traditional candy man who pushes a music box around that also seats his feline friend. the children love him. they give him 2 swiss francs and in return they receive a lollypop.

we found a thrift store and I got an old leather briefcase for nothing. also a homeless man stole my breakfast while I laid it down for two minutes.

anyhow, I don’t have a photo editor yet so excuse the overexposures.



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