Thursday, October 24, 2013

and so we wait

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  1. 1.

    a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess, esp. drinking alcohol or eating (pastries)

*I know the text above has nothing to do with anything but it is there to pacify my very need to be creative in silly textual ways. that job belongs to my wife though I guess. anyhow this isn’t important but perhaps I will include french words or phrases in the future like so. voila.

jessie and I take walks down to the small center of our little village from time to time. we have two main boulangeries in town. it is so fun to go search for fresh bread everyday. we haven’t yet decided on which is the best. we will keep you updated on that and may even post photos of our treats along the way. 

we decided to focus on mailboxes the other day on our walk which actually give a decent view of what we have been looking to everyday. to be clear, we have been waiting for almost now 3 weeks to receive our debit cards for our french bank account. the french are like escargots. slow pokes. they insist on sending you three separate letters from the bank which gives you the green light to go pick up your card at the actual bank only to tell you that the application is still not complete once you have received the three letters and make the 30 minute trip. so we are still waiting on our cards. and it wouldn’t be so bad if EVERYTHING else wasn’t contingent on that one debit carte bleu.



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