Wednesday, April 27, 2011




metz cathedral. I was snapped in my first photo taken in france

almost four years ago just right where my two amis stand (begia/cherubin)!

I can hardly believe its been nearly a week since I stepped foot on french soil and I can tell ya the smell hasn’t changed one bit!!

paris france seems to be on the list of one of the most visited capital cities of the world!!! as a kid ma and dad did their best to get us out of the dallas fort worth area! we got to see san antonio a few times, houston I think a couple times, college station once, galveston a family favorite and to be honest I think the list may just end there!! ya see! frankly I loved getting out and about with the family and even if we never left the state! they kept my travel needs and interests satisfied! over the years I finally left the state and things were looking sky high! a discovery of new people, culture, state traditions and customs, etc. however I still remained a bit na├»ve to this new adaptions in my life! then it happened! I was asked to leave the country! can you believe that!? and of all places to swizterland! I had little knowledge pertaining to european geography and I heard speak of iceland and greenland but I had no clue where swizterland was even located! I spent two years traveling from city to city in the countrysides of france and switzerland trying to understand our great grand cultural differences! however I returned with little recollection of what it was to be french or swiss and I certainly couldn’t recount much of any history whatsoever! fortunately and I mean FORTUNATELY I find myself back in france and in fact  paris france this summer to pick up where I left off two years ago! please join me on this rediscovery of what the world has to offer the world! not about me! but you all!!!!!!




Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i did it...

i cant get over this!!!
i got my new video camera in the mail today and i waited..
day to use it! a nice little battly royal called to be shot tonight!!
i spent my last monday with some prettttttty beautiful people!!!!
thank yal!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


i cringed deep down inside as she left me this afternoon.

well ya see i more or less set myself up for this dramatic separation!
i posted my "pearsey" online for sale last sunday!

sidenote: if ya want to get rid of your car put it up on a sunday however be ready to work on the sabbath :/ eeeee!!!

so i posted up a small resume of her conditions and specs and BOOOOM! literally, the second after i submitted the ad my phone was exploding!!! i couldnt believe it! literally! so yahh..after 20 or so calls..i had a few potentials pass by to check her out! turns out...she was in worst condition than i had imagined!!

also another sidenote: i am aaa stinkyyy when it comes to vehicle mechanics, etc!!!!

so much to the buyer's advantage i found myself kinda trying to lay back and agree with everything they had to say! man talk! "oh yah, the carb. yah i prolly need to replace that" "oh the radiator! yah, hmm..i thought it had a lead" "the tranny." whattttt!!!!?? "yah..the tranny, she needs to be replaced" yah so these are some examples of the exchanges ive had over the past few days!

jeeezeee!! cheezee!! the final bidder asked me if i had water or antifreeze because my radiator was completely empty?! i needed some coolant! so i took a look around the house! i had no clue what i was searching for but i remember how i felt! i decided then that i WILL NEVER EVER neglect my carro again! i felt so silly!!! obviously i had no clue what i was doing so i gave up! i gave in! i asked what in the world was a radiator? what purpose it served? and about that tranny? aka transmission? spark plugs? motors? uhhh!!! yah the nice savvy Iraqi pair really took me for a ride!! and i kinda enjoyed it!! weee whoooo!!! soo anywayss! after all was said and done! dad just advised me to choke up and let her go!! she was a guud ride! but i just wasnt the best in that relationship! i obviously was not on my game and more not than on! i learned! and i will no longer refuse to man up! thats what its all about! accepting my manlyhooood and milking it for all its worth! i gotta expand my handy expertise outside of just a hammer, a drill, and...uhh..that one app on my phone that levels out objects! here i go!

here is to becoming a MAN!

a handyman and not the shandy man!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this the manera/camino maniere/chemin!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011



then i take a shower and scrape off ALLLLL my dead skin!!!

so that prolly puts me somewhere between the third and forth layer of the first level!!!!!! jeezeeee!






for 23 years i have never gotten sunburned! i mean how do you expect for this brown boi to burn…at all? i do get a bit darker in the summer! and everyone is jealous! i dont get it??? haa!! anyways, keri D in one way or another hooked me up with free passes up to the canyons! yah! talk about olymEPIC!

and boi was i burned!!! its what i deserve for leaving a pal behind!

and now my whole face is peeling off!! ya seeee?

some kid at work taught me that we have like three different levels of skin! however within each level, there are different layers! so the first level is made up of five layers!!! the second, three, i think..yahh!! and im purty sure ive been through two layers and now im on the third layer of the first level!! ohh silly video games!! and facial skin games!!! levels!!!!



Friday, April 8, 2011

chez moi



are ya coming to visit me?




Friday, April 1, 2011

welcome on..




someone asked me this evening how my day had gone?

i said super! and i really meant it this time! summa decided to give us a sneak peak of whats to come and we were able to take advantage of it!

i made it to the top of provo just in the nick of time to capture this beautiful sunset! as i snapped the image, i thought to myself..mahn..i wish i could of have been here a little bit earlier! i thought of how much more gorgeous this view should have been! i got to thinking! mahn! but really, how many times do i get the chance to admire the beautiful city of provo from on high! i recognized a sense of gratitude and i was thankful that i got the capture when it happened!

episodes take place in our lives when they may not make much sense at all! but we must receive them when they come with a thankful heart believing that everything will work out! if we can just tweak our perspective of the grand image of life, we can discover the beauty in each sunset which invites a new day! new light! new life! stay tuned in for more episodes! they may just be hiding around the corner! for the meanwhile, live with optimism, faith and an open eye for the beauty in each sunset! there will be another day!