Wednesday, April 27, 2011




metz cathedral. I was snapped in my first photo taken in france

almost four years ago just right where my two amis stand (begia/cherubin)!

I can hardly believe its been nearly a week since I stepped foot on french soil and I can tell ya the smell hasn’t changed one bit!!

paris france seems to be on the list of one of the most visited capital cities of the world!!! as a kid ma and dad did their best to get us out of the dallas fort worth area! we got to see san antonio a few times, houston I think a couple times, college station once, galveston a family favorite and to be honest I think the list may just end there!! ya see! frankly I loved getting out and about with the family and even if we never left the state! they kept my travel needs and interests satisfied! over the years I finally left the state and things were looking sky high! a discovery of new people, culture, state traditions and customs, etc. however I still remained a bit naïve to this new adaptions in my life! then it happened! I was asked to leave the country! can you believe that!? and of all places to swizterland! I had little knowledge pertaining to european geography and I heard speak of iceland and greenland but I had no clue where swizterland was even located! I spent two years traveling from city to city in the countrysides of france and switzerland trying to understand our great grand cultural differences! however I returned with little recollection of what it was to be french or swiss and I certainly couldn’t recount much of any history whatsoever! fortunately and I mean FORTUNATELY I find myself back in france and in fact  paris france this summer to pick up where I left off two years ago! please join me on this rediscovery of what the world has to offer the world! not about me! but you all!!!!!!





  1. I'm a huge fan of this post- I can actually understand what you are talking about! haha. love and miss you john!