Saturday, April 9, 2011




for 23 years i have never gotten sunburned! i mean how do you expect for this brown boi to burn…at all? i do get a bit darker in the summer! and everyone is jealous! i dont get it??? haa!! anyways, keri D in one way or another hooked me up with free passes up to the canyons! yah! talk about olymEPIC!

and boi was i burned!!! its what i deserve for leaving a pal behind!

and now my whole face is peeling off!! ya seeee?

some kid at work taught me that we have like three different levels of skin! however within each level, there are different layers! so the first level is made up of five layers!!! the second, three, i think..yahh!! and im purty sure ive been through two layers and now im on the third layer of the first level!! ohh silly video games!! and facial skin games!!! levels!!!!



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