Thursday, April 14, 2011


i cringed deep down inside as she left me this afternoon.

well ya see i more or less set myself up for this dramatic separation!
i posted my "pearsey" online for sale last sunday!

sidenote: if ya want to get rid of your car put it up on a sunday however be ready to work on the sabbath :/ eeeee!!!

so i posted up a small resume of her conditions and specs and BOOOOM! literally, the second after i submitted the ad my phone was exploding!!! i couldnt believe it! literally! so yahh..after 20 or so calls..i had a few potentials pass by to check her out! turns out...she was in worst condition than i had imagined!!

also another sidenote: i am aaa stinkyyy when it comes to vehicle mechanics, etc!!!!

so much to the buyer's advantage i found myself kinda trying to lay back and agree with everything they had to say! man talk! "oh yah, the carb. yah i prolly need to replace that" "oh the radiator! yah, hmm..i thought it had a lead" "the tranny." whattttt!!!!?? "yah..the tranny, she needs to be replaced" yah so these are some examples of the exchanges ive had over the past few days!

jeeezeee!! cheezee!! the final bidder asked me if i had water or antifreeze because my radiator was completely empty?! i needed some coolant! so i took a look around the house! i had no clue what i was searching for but i remember how i felt! i decided then that i WILL NEVER EVER neglect my carro again! i felt so silly!!! obviously i had no clue what i was doing so i gave up! i gave in! i asked what in the world was a radiator? what purpose it served? and about that tranny? aka transmission? spark plugs? motors? uhhh!!! yah the nice savvy Iraqi pair really took me for a ride!! and i kinda enjoyed it!! weee whoooo!!! soo anywayss! after all was said and done! dad just advised me to choke up and let her go!! she was a guud ride! but i just wasnt the best in that relationship! i obviously was not on my game and more not than on! i learned! and i will no longer refuse to man up! thats what its all about! accepting my manlyhooood and milking it for all its worth! i gotta expand my handy expertise outside of just a hammer, a drill, and...uhh..that one app on my phone that levels out objects! here i go!

here is to becoming a MAN!

a handyman and not the shandy man!



  1. sooo funny!! so you sold your car? haha.. did they like talk down the price a lot?

  2. yesss!!! :(

    i thought i was the salesman!! :(