Friday, April 1, 2011

welcome on..




someone asked me this evening how my day had gone?

i said super! and i really meant it this time! summa decided to give us a sneak peak of whats to come and we were able to take advantage of it!

i made it to the top of provo just in the nick of time to capture this beautiful sunset! as i snapped the image, i thought to myself..mahn..i wish i could of have been here a little bit earlier! i thought of how much more gorgeous this view should have been! i got to thinking! mahn! but really, how many times do i get the chance to admire the beautiful city of provo from on high! i recognized a sense of gratitude and i was thankful that i got the capture when it happened!

episodes take place in our lives when they may not make much sense at all! but we must receive them when they come with a thankful heart believing that everything will work out! if we can just tweak our perspective of the grand image of life, we can discover the beauty in each sunset which invites a new day! new light! new life! stay tuned in for more episodes! they may just be hiding around the corner! for the meanwhile, live with optimism, faith and an open eye for the beauty in each sunset! there will be another day!




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