Monday, March 7, 2011

to all (part 2)

the star of my showwww!!!

wow! today..i mean! i dont know what to say! there is too much to share!!!

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

a friend shared this wise quote with me this week and i passed it on to my precious lovely sister! i love her and her husband! gracie and i together have been through the thick and thin, tried and true all the way!!!! and that will never change!! "fooo evaaa" i tell her! i will always be there for her! because she has always been there for me!!

jake the snake and i recorded a video today! it was par! not top! but yah, were moving up that way! i struggled with this desire to make a video today! i wanted to use this song! but i didnt know where to start! i thought..jeeeze! if i had all my sisters here and my mother! i could take video of them and then have material to work with but i HAD nothing today!! hahaa!! so i let that small project go by! at least for the moment! no worries! one day in the near future my pal (who has perfected video editing) is gunna help me out!! its gunna be grand!! just hold onto your seats and be expecting a masterpiece very soon!!

i dont know who to dedicate this song out to....sooo....

SHOUT out to all!!!

all those who got their "favorite"

Heavenly Father has no favorites! well, at least not just one favorite! We are all HIS favorites! We are all stars in HIS show! there would be no show without you!! with out us!! keep our heads up! lets stick to the script
and put on our best! give all we have to offer!!

yah i told ya! too much!!!!


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