Saturday, March 26, 2011


look! so many options! one telling ya to go this way..another that way! some that limit your options and others that set ya free!! that send ya on in the right direction!

i freaked out tonight! i didnt know which one to take! but my dear friend got me back on track! whewwww!! being lost can be terrifying and exciting all at the same time!

as a matter of fact! ive kinda felt this this last little while! i appears that my whole summer seems to be all planned out and it is even frightening the more real it becomes! i receive at least 3 emails a day from the school, program, directors, students, etc! concerning related issues and it is really scaring my pants off! but yah..despite what the near future holds for me, i still long for the right course, right now! and thank heavens i have my pals, my fam and my Savior! i would be constantly freaking out on the highway if it wasnt for yal! being lost this evening we found ourselves once again tonight! and by lost i mean my wallet being missing in action! luckily he decided showed to up!

keep moving forward! lost or not!


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