Wednesday, March 23, 2011

..just wait..

cuttlefish! besides the bitter sweet honey mixed in with some jelly fish jerky texture..its not all that bad! plus with a name like that! who could turn this midnight snack away!?

okay so i spent fives hours and twenty minutes isolated in a 7 ft by 4 ft room this evening/night! i set out to catch up on some homework that happened to slip by me this past weekend! i gave all my assignments last week off! win win! right? well, after about two hours of reading en francais my eyes began to slightly shut and then would quickly open and this cycle continued until i had some what of an awakening!

i saw my feet. khaki pants. brown boots and to my right i saw another set of feet. no shoes. and this dress of some sort flopping around in the wind. we were walking forward and i said out loud, "i cant see where we are going" and then i reopened my eyes! i smiled and went back to work!



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