Friday, March 4, 2011


my faveee


i wrote a friend this evening! it was neat! she had a small journal open to the public for all to write or share their comments! the first page include this kind statement..if i may..

“i loved your art” – anonymous

i smiled! and as i browsed the pages i thought to myself, well it seems that the first few pages are reserved for family and close friends so i decided to skip to a clean page that was calling my name. i shared my feelings and expressed my appreciation for her talent and gifted ability to shed light on the lives of others! i tried my best to be honest and sincere because that is what we do when we record the feelings of our soul and especially in a journal. i realized that past souvenirs do speak loud words to our memory and long to be remembered as cherished moments! however we can create new images and new souvenirs that make up our present and future. we dont necessarily have to cling to the past but we can do so embracing the present collages of today. art is the answer. we are all artists in the eyes of the ARTIST!




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  1. thanks for coming John and showing your support! I love when my art can touch someone. It truly means a lot to be able to create something that someone can relate to or contemplate. This is the beauty of art, the ability to make connections. :)
    That one is one of my favorites too!