Monday, May 31, 2010

in memory..

sundays!! wow!!!! why are they so refreshing and so fun filled?
  • french toast delight..
  • sacrament..
  • wrote bryce..
  • scooter ride..
  • mucho long board...
  • chicken stir-fry...
  • frisbee...
  • ward prayer...
  • cemetery...
  • lulu bars..
  • coke
  • truth or dare..
  • mucho killage..fifa!! ahahahaa!!!!!!
  • boi talk
  • sleeeeeep
i cant even were taking a scooter ride and we couldnt help but see almost the entire city visiting the veteran's graves down town!! sooo....thought itd be nice to drop by and leave some flowers for the those veterans that hadnt received any visits!!! i picked some dandy lions to leave at their grave sites and these are some of our friends we visited today!!! granted our flowers werent they say french...the people were remembered and they shall never be forgotten! there was a wonderful peaceful spirit present there this evening!!! i loved it...
i miss you papa-lolo


Sunday, May 30, 2010

les costumes....

we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into!!!! and on top of it...i dislike...very much so..being sold to...and thats how we felt at mens wearhouse this afternoon!!!! they were pushing a certain tux style for the groom's men...pants could straight up help you float off a plane!! and then the colors weren't what we were looking for....just a mess!!! i told austin that i will personally go to france during ''soldes'' and purchase our costumes/suits for my wedding there!!! wooootTTTTtt!!!!! i cant waitt....but at the same attempting to worry less about how we will hate to show my wife up and her grooms....which i guess would never be the case :) but have it be groom's men and myself willlll be looking flyyyyyyyy!!!

marriage!!! agghhhh!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

the Cap-ee-tannnnn

mystr deek is in town!!! finally!!!
ive realized that i become very impatient when others are to plan something that i so long to do!! i feel like if it were up to me..itd be done in a jiffy!!! but its okay if im not in charge! just sit back and follow the leader! the only True Captain beckons us on and we must follow! i once heard that the best leaders are the best followers! there is a bit of wisdom in that!!?? :)
aight aight!!! super super super good day!! gunna get even better!!


po po po po po po po po poka face..

Friday, May 28, 2010

marlo, dakota, mark, camille, alyssa, jessica, jennifer
yahh yah!!! as our Special Olympics team filed up in
a single line to shake the hands of their opponents
i could only be proud of 'em! as every member of
the opposing was on average 1 foot and half taller
than we were!! :) our BYU gave all they had!!
left it all out on the field!! their little hearts! :)
i love 'em!! their lives are so simple. i have
so much to learn from their examples.
i have found myself getting worked
up and wanting to rush them
through exercises what not..
but thankfully i have
caught myself and i
am learning!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010, i must say that gma was over the top!! she
even prepared a banana split sundae for me!! with cherries!!
butttt...what pushed me off my can today was this lame building!
i attempted to appeal a parking fine i received the other day and the
case worker wasnt having it!!! lame!! so as i walked out of her office!
i quietly yet in a very furious tone said..."f" not too smooth! the employees
working there at the court overheard this..and made mention of it as i had to
pay my fine!!! not an example of the True Master!!! lame face me!! live and learn!
then again...gma's sundae makes everything so much more pleasant!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

la maquina

well everyone keeps asking me why im
not letting my custodial job go...if i ever
did decide to...i would be a blue handed
friend less and who in the world would
run this machine of ours...???


..our feet all wet...

Monday, May 24, 2010


this is life in the shoes of emmmmmmA!!!! shes even got the

michael jordan tongue action!! i guess she is excited for the nba finals coming up

soon!!!! yahh...putting that fact aside!!! this is indeed life!!!!

..theses are my best buds! excluding the other best buds of mine!!! :) these people make up a super large part of my life!! nevertheless...its life!! belonging to one another! depending on one another!!! the road was never meant to be walked alone!
"we knotzzz b losttt!!! we'zzzzzz b founnnd!!!! strait upppp"

..oh so i had to settle with this certain photo as the others members within the photo were against my publishing of my favorite photos of the night!!!!!!

..once again!! life in colors is so much more brighter than life
in darkness!!! i lay here and marvel at how beautiful life can be chilling
on a couch on a rainy monday!!!!! yahh yahhhhHH!!!!!

c'est la vie mon ami, c'est la vie


...just let go!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my life line!!

sitting up front along side mother is always a trip!!!
change dat musik trak
is the name of the game! be careful though... runs a tight ship!!

this was heaven!!! its been over four years..i want to say!!!!!!! cant you tell....?! let ya in on a little secret!! this stuff right..we call it "Lucas" and i guess
thats a general name for all types of that fruit..root..or veggie? hmm..
..anyhow..this stuff right here is the life line of all Latin people!! want some...? it
sustained me my whole trip home in texas!!

my beautiful ma! bday gift! let the wild rumpus begin!

gangstas!!! gracie you aint thug!! put yo head down!!!

my family is my heaven!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

filomena cosavalente

turning the hearts of the children to their mothers!!!

happy happy ma!!!


farm house

dTX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! home sweet home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in provo..i miss my long lost friends back home in forney...even though they may not speak any language that i may happen to speak...our friendship will never end! just a few snap shots of my friends!!! our condolences to the recent mass murder victims, our four young hens :(

salut john

where is the parking pass

..while waiting at the slc airport....adam decided he would
be myself as he attempted to pick up on a security guard (woman)...
..she was wearing a pair of black nike arm bands...not his type..
...she wasnt having it...however we did happen to get some free..
..chewing bubble gum outa her! adam's lady skills paid off for once..
..i needed a piece! i cant fly without a chewing gum!!!!!!
..adam loves going further and further out each day!
i appreciate his outlook on life..although..i hardly agree..haha.. encourages me to reach out further as well! this is our story..
..our adventure and as we create it! it becomes our life!! love it love it love it!
im learning that we dont have to wait for permission..
..or the approval of those around us..although....this should be..
..our intention! be happy with ourselves!
thats what its all about! just live to love it!


oh so when adam took off..he had forgotten where
..i put the parking pass...he would, huh?! luckily he found it.. the end! ps..they charge you 30 big ones if it is misplaced/lost! >:/

Thursday, May 6, 2010

looking out and in from the yard

..i gave in......

...yes i did!!!

and i didnt even realize that the famous"Y" is in plain sight as you look out from our yard..

...heres the addy for the new "maison"....just in you case you want to stop by!!

..we like the color maroon...and if you are your options (free public transportation!)

so you ever go classic skating.. matter where you are in the world..
..please..for your sake and mine's...
...where a nice pair of thick socks!!!!!!!!