Monday, February 13, 2012

zero to sixty!



whats the fastest speed a human being has been clocked at?

I cant imagine it being all that fast!

try going zero to sixty in a mercedes sport suv! yah! in no time!

now what about relationships? I think its more often than rare that we wonder whether we are rushing things! I mean there are clearly those who just connect perfectly right off the back! but there are also those who take extra time! let me get this straight, we are definitely all here for one reason and that being to connect with the world! the world is infinitely made up many many different types of people! think of how many people we interact with on a daily basis! and how are we influencing those for the better? today I see it within myself and within others but we can be afraid at times to be ourselves and instead we would rather hide in a corner! but hey it eventually gets dark and lonely! shame, fear, guilt and these feelings of unworthiness are completely against the plan of existence! we have to believe that we are worth something! we have to believe that it is all up to us! we are the key! if others do not recognize the worth that lies within each and everyone of us, that is not our problem! but what a relief to know that there are people out there that can see past our present state and envision the potential we have! and we must do the same for others! just keep trying! everyday! love who you are! embrace it! and then do it! hit it at full speed! zero to sixty! well, we should take our time of course and make sure we are on course to healthy, long lasting relationships but we should try to shake off the fears we may have! we are all worth loving! I promise!




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