Monday, February 13, 2012

going back..


joe boxer

joe boxer was clearly the coolest underwear brand of the nineties! remember? a large yellow smiley face as their trade logo not to be confused with Wal Mart! I may have owned a pair or two! well, it looks like they might still be in business? check this out! here is proof! or perhaps k.anne is still wearing the same pair from ten years ago? who knows really?

but it felt like going back as I spotted her socks! not just back to when I wore my own pair of joe boxer underwear but just back in general! I had forgotten how great things had been and how great things can still be! as for joe boxer and I, that might just be history! in fact, im leaving it in the past but it was good to be stirred back up and brought back! on we go!



1 comment:

  1. Well the tag line is ALMOST is english. But luckily this time I know a little spanish. And... those socks MIGHT be 10 years old...