Monday, February 6, 2012



all and lace

what a week! did you know my favorite ultimate snack is popcorn! ask my family! however, lately I only eat it with some special mexican hot sauce! so tasty! we were tossing pieces of popped corn tonight and boy are they a lot lighter than you would think! they barely fly! so try imaging getting one piece from one side of the room to the other! it reminds me of the saying, tossed to and fro! no flings here or no flings there! we are not to be thrown about in fear that we are not making the right choices! indecision is not progression! I guess there is time for all things! but to be paralyzed because we are scared to make the right decision is against the plan! stick it out! choose the right! that’s all we have to do! we are not tiny pieces of popcorn! there is more to us than soft starch!




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