Monday, November 21, 2011




I woke up this morning with the chills!!! I was freezing!!! I had no desire to get out of bed but I thought I should probably try to make it to church!! ward conference! I finally made it up out of bed and we got ready for church! while at church I stole jacobs scard and gloves! I was freezinggg! I couldn’t take it! so I left after our first meeting and came home and slept! I put on so many layers! I even pulled out my gangster hoodie!! this guy here helped me out all day! from fetching me some water, tea, crackers, soup, etc! mom says I have great friends! and she is right! brant just got back from a conference he had in denver! and tesh decided to come home from his adventurous sunday! I better get rid of this flu! I am heading home in less than two days!



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