Friday, November 11, 2011




have you ever felt your heart skip a beat? or perhaps give an occasional extra strong beat? no need to alarm!!!!! its okay!! if there is an underlying heart problem..then you might have to worry a bit but if not then it is almost perfectly harmless! people believe that our heart skips a beat when we are excited or when we sneeze or after having worked out while our body is cooling down!! which all of these are pretty awesome moments!!! if this were true I would be dead!!! because of course I do these things all day everrrry day so my heart would just eventually skip too many beats before I had any left!!!!? okay! im pulling your heart!! hehee!!

I just got to thinking tonight! oh the wonder of our little yet grand organ we call a heart! what would we do without it? could we do anything without it? and what about what lies within it!! what is your heart made up of? skipping beats???!!




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