Friday, September 3, 2010

wishing upon a star

I was waiting to get screened at the Orlando airport a few weeks ago

And I saw a family heading back to what it looked like, England..

Cute lil accents!

So they were standing right in front of me and I looked on the other side of the glass

Of the check-in line..and I saw a lil boy and a lil girl crying waving to someone

On my end! I glanced over in the direction which happened to be this family

Standing in front of me! And the children were all crying also waving back!

Wiping tears away seemed to be some game they were all playing


I! that’s the love! The love we enjoy in our family relations!

I felt it! I really did! I had just said bye to my own family! And I needed that love!

I wish that upon everyone out there! Everyyyone!

Wishes shine deep down inside

Because that’s where the magic of love begins



1 comment:

  1. you! are! back!
    i'm glad :)

    plus. yay for disney...gotta love it!