Sunday, September 5, 2010

dont push too hard..or dig to deep

when i was
a young bo
y, i would a
lways bleed
from my no
se at rando
hours throu
ghout the n
ight! i dont
get it! im no
t that youn
g anymore!
yet that ha
s been a pa
rt of my nig
htly routine
for the past
three days!
did you kno
w that ther
e is a nose b
leed pressur
e point in yo
ur mouth!?l
ook on googl
e or ask you
r family pra
ctice doctor.
they should
know! the o
nly thing i h
ate other th
an getting E
G dirty and
bloody is th
awful despi
cable post b
loody nose
after taste!
any help or

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