Wednesday, February 6, 2013

tune up



you know what I despise. I really hate it when my laptop decides to slow down. what is your deal, I ask. can’t you see I am busy. yes, netflix, pinterest, etsy, facebook, blogger, amazon, preferred caterer lists, taste of park city, google calendar oh and GMAIL (which is literally always open) are all important to me. what don’t you get? and then the cursor/pointer decides to start doing it “loading” thing which convinces me that my laptop is fighting back as hard as he can (I just gave him a gender). so I just move him all around from corner to corner as fast as I can. that is right. I am blaming the cursor now for what the laptop (well actually, the hard-drive) is going through. and then much to my surprise, I see a panel pop up from the bottom-right corner of my screen that reads “Tune Up – in 10 minutes” and what do I do? I don’t hesitate as I close him down to the ground. but now as I think about it, even if I wanted to tune my computer up I wouldn’t know where to go so now it becomes a waiting game until the next time my laptop feels it is appropriate to “tune up”.

sometimes and most of the times, our hard-drive knows what is best for us. and I hate saying this. he is just trying his best to make things work better for us. but we are so quick to close the program down. we think we know what is best for ourselves, well for the computer.

but I tell you today, that we need that “tune-up” and I need to believe in it. I can’t always be running everything there is all at once. we need to refresh our systems and restart back over again and again and again. I believe in the Master’s program. I believe there is hope. I believe there is faith. I believe there is Someone who knows what is best for each and every single one of us. these are not just words. this is what happens. everyday. and I can’t stand it when it does but I can’t wait until that panel pops back up and asks if I want a “tune-up”!

oh and please excuse me for the lazy eye. I was just trying to focus on this amazing-think piece of hair! it was glorious and will ever be!



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