Thursday, February 7, 2013

any ideas



does anyone have any genius helpful ideas for me?

you see I usually go to sleep around 2 am. but I start a new job tomorrow that will require me to wake up at 6 am. so ideally, I would want 8 hours of sleep considering the fact that I work from 8 am to 5 pm and then have class from 5 30 to 8 pm. so yah, I will need some sleep however what is the trick? how do I get to sleep at 10 30 pm? I am already past my bed time. I got some reading to do and maybe an episode of Portlandia and some journal but what is it going to take? the way I see it is perfectly depicted in these two photos. I need to a great idea and once I got that idea down and it has clicked I realize that it will actually be awful smelling. bummer. but here is to changing a little more for the better! even if it smells a little bit (which I actually love in fact). see you in the morning. maybe?



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