Thursday, December 1, 2011




I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think back on our half marathon! I remember looking up the results following the race and I thought to myself, jeeze, we did so well! I compared our time to some friend’s time and I realized that we had paced a couple seconds slower per mile than our friends! like four seconds! but just four seconds made a difference over the course of 13.1 miles! and I as I realize we all ended up at the same place! maybe faster or slower than others! maybe more wore out or less wore out than others! etc! but we all made it to the finish line!

last week brant, olivier and I drove down to dallas to visit family! my family! our family! and I kid you not! all three of us at one point or another on our journey down were pulled over by the cops! can you believe it! we were all let off on warnings! haa! we got them! when I was pulled over, the cop had me follow him to his car and I sat there with him as he pulled up my information! he told me that there were plenty of drivers traveling for the holidays and that we needed to be more careful! he said that a few extra miles per hour would make no difference if we didn’t make it at all! I was speeding like crazy! it was funny because just right before I was calculating in my mind how much more sooner we would arrive home if we went 20 over the speed limit and then BOOM, the popo caught me ridin durty!

anyways! if we are in hurry to get anywhere perhaps rethink about destination rather than increasing our speed! we will get there even if we take an extra four seconds longer! or perhaps days, weeks, months, years! we can make it!



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