Thursday, December 1, 2011

salmon pink..


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I had a special moment today at work! and I wanted to share it with all but it seemed a bit odd to me and I figured no one would understand! but here goes an attempt to explain!

do you have those days where you feel clean! you feel pure! you feel beautiful! you feel attractive! you feel presentable! you get what I am saying? whether its because of your outward appearance! and or maybe because of your inward appearance! regardless you want people to notice! you want to share it with those you care about! you think about perhaps that one who you wish to see and realize over time that they are the only person you want to see! and then you are off to work, to school, to do the many tasks of everyday and indeed you are seen by many! by strangers, friends and others you meet along the way but that is not enough! but if you are lucky to finally see that one then everything and everyone else just matters less! because that beauty you once felt is amplified and increased by so much more! they make you feel beautiful! whatever you are wearing or whatever it is inside of you does not make up for the feeling you get with that one!

its all sort of weird, huh?

I got to thinking that true beauty is bestowed from on high! its alright to find it in others, in people, in what you wear, in what you say, in what you read, etc. it s less okay to find it in materialistic things, etc but for now I will remember that there is only one true source from which beautiful is bestowed! and that we are all meant to feel that!




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