Wednesday, December 15, 2010




my wise brotha of mine..put it like this...

being informed and educated and perhaps passionate in every political issue there is..every literary device to employ, every cinematic technique...blahh..(do those make sense) has very little to do with the practical and applicable principles of life!!

sure...we can dig through current issues in search for answers..yah..sure we could express more clearly our expressions in writ and prose...yah..maybe...and most likely having an firm knowledge in the media would contribute to our voice and participation!! itssss alll useful!!! and RESPECTTTT...for yals out there!! word..

however...what creates a desire to change ourselves for the better...?? what helps others want to be better because they know us?? and ultimately what are the passions that help us change the world!!!???? hahhhh...does having an opinion in every field there is even known to man determine where we end up?? maybe in this life...maybe not...but i do know that pure intelligence is the ability to apply the little knowledge of the world we do have!!! and that will determine where we end up in the end!!

the divine invitation to seek!!
  • education! yesS! breadth of life!
  • knowledge!! def! wisdom of the worlds!
  • intelligence! bettr believe it!! righteousness!!
is real!!

heck...even satan possess knowledge!! but he soo dummmb!

i will not be!!!

what are my passions!!!!!!!!!!?


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