Tuesday, December 7, 2010

feeling that im under

so unkind...are ya blind?!??!?!!!! freeeee my soul!!!! what if we all drifted away from this small retired city we know as provo?!?!! yahh!! tonight!?!?! we would wave to her...with love and joy in our hearts...thanking er for whatttt we will be missing this week and the following week!!!!! ...

geemee the beat boyzzzz..and freeee and my soul......and just drift...just driftttt!! take meee!!!!!!!!

12k vs 10k

yah, id even miss our new living room set up!!!! yal should come by...if we dont drift away!!!
do it please!!! we have an adopted-rugged-cozy-lazy boi!!!!!!

he is calling your rear-ends!!! :)


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